Amsterdam Science Park Study Group


What you could do with us

Amsterdam Science Park Study Group is dedicated to building a community of computational biologists and bioinformaticians.

This Study Group promotes skill sharing and collaboration by :

All are welcome to this study group, regardless of scientific research area, affiliation or training level.


One-hour lessons to learn and practice coding skills

Pair Programming

Co-working hours​

Work with experts on your research projects.

Community Building​

Meet new people in your field! Learn from the best!

Join-us on Slack now

We use Slack to discuss and ask for help on data and code-related topics.

Click on the button beside, and then you will need to create an account with a username, and log in to read and post.
You can use Slack right from a web browser, or you can download a standalone Slack application to your Mac, Windows, Linux and/or Android/iOS device.
You can control whether you receive notifications on new posts by going to Preferences, as well as decide which ‘channels’ to subscribe to.
A ‘channel’ is a discussion thread, which is used to organize communications into topics. Several channels have been set up for specific topics (R, metagenomics, etc.)

All are welcome !
Regardless of scientific research area, affiliation or programming level (absolute beginner to expert)